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A Word About Yeast Infection Remedies

CandidaCarol_bulletpointThere Are Several Options for You

If you are suffering with a yeast infection, take comfort in the fact that there are several remedies out there that can help you with your problem.

You can opt to go with a yeast infection home remedy that you come up with yourself or that you purchase at your health food store. Home remedies for yeast infections in women are becoming more and more popular these days.

There are several reasons for this:

  • First, a home remedy for yeast infection is much less expensive than going to the doctor.
  • Second, many have found they get great, long-term results by doing it this way.

CandidaCarol_bulletpointWhere to Start?

Yeast Infection Checklist

There are so many possible yeast infection home remedies for you to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start.This is especially the case for people who do not have any experience with natural treatment methods.

Since it is comfortable to go to a doctor and leave everything in his seemingly capable hands, many choose to go this route. Ignorance is bliss to many and they would rather let someone else worry about the facts than come up with a solution on their own.

The problem with selecting a yeast infection remedy this way is that it will most likely not be a natural solution. Those struggling with an imbalance of this type absolutely need to rebalance their bodies and the best way to truly find balance is through natural methods.

CandidaCarol_bulletpointA Word About Antibiotics

The majority of doctor-prescribed yeast infection remedies are antibiotics. Antibiotics are known to kill bad bacteria in the body.

The problem is that these antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in the body.

You absolutely need the good bacteria in order to find balance once again.

CandidaCarol_bulletpointPROVEN Home Remedies, You Say?

So what are some proven home remedies for yeast infection treatments?



Aloe Vera Juice

One of the most popular natural remedies for yeast infections is to drink Aloe Vera juice. The reason this seems to help with a candida imbalance is that it can actually boost the white blood cells potency against yeast cells.

It’s important if you are going to consider this treatment method that you find an all natural source of aloe Vera juice. It’s also helpful to obtain one that is as pure as possible. Many forms of this juice are watered down to the point where the nutritional benefit per serving is minimal.


PAU D'ARCOPau D'Arco Herbs

Another possible natural remedy for yeast infection that you may want to use is pau d’ arco. This is an herb that works against both fungus and bacteria.

That is what makes it such a great option to consider since candida overgrowth is both a fungal and bacterial problem.

  • It can be taken in powder form, pill form or even steeped into a tea.
  • Some have found it to work better for them if they alternate doses with clove tea.
  • About 3-6 cups per day have been used with great success.


Olive Leaf for Yeast InfectionsA few other great additions to natural remedies for yeast infection treatments would include wild oregano oil and olive leaf extract.

  • Wild oregano oil is a very effective tool to use in killing fungi. It’s also a potent antiseptic.
  • Pair that with olive leaf extract which is known for its ability to heal microbial infections and you may just have a winning pair.
  • As a side note, distilled water is suggested when dealing with this type of problem. So it’s a good idea to incorporate distilled water into any remedies for yeast infection treatments that you are going to try.

Yogurt with Acidophilus Bifidus
Some other natural yeast infection remedies that many have been known to appreciate would include supplementing the diet with acidophilus or bifidus as well as natural, plain, raw yogurt.

This will help to balance the flora in the bowels as well as in the vagina (where a moderate amount of yeast should always reside).

Few people realize that everyone has yeast. In fact, the right amount of yeast is a very good thing. The problem is when it multiplies into large quantities. This is not good for the body.

It can multiply out of control when there are excess amounts of
yeast or sugar in the system. That’s why it’s important to use acidophilus,
bifidus and natural, plain, raw yogurt to help to balance the flora.

CandidaCarol_bulletpointGood and Bad Bacteria - Yes, There Is A Difference

One has to be careful when it comes to their selection of remedies for yeast infections. Those that choose a course that kills the good bacteria with the bad (like antibiotics) could really end up causing some serious trouble. It’s always a good idea to talk to a health care provider. Accurate diagnosis can be more than half the battle.

The hardest part about getting rid of this issue is figuring out what the issue even is to begin with. Before any home yeast infection remedies can work, it’s essential to get an accurate diagnosis.

CandidaCarol_bulletpointHow Good Is Your Diagnosis?

To help with determining an accurate diagnosis, it helps to know what the bulk of the symptoms are for this particular ailment. Realize that candida can affect several different parts of the body. That’s one of the reasons the symptoms are so varied. They will also vary depending upon how severe the imbalance is too.

Some of the main symptoms might include: Candida Symptoms

  • abdominal pain
  • constipation
  • colitis
  • diarrhea
  • headaches
  • rectal itching
  • bad breath
  • low libido
  • mood swings
  • memory loss
  • persistent heart-burn
  • canker sores
  • prostatitis
  • congestion
  • numbness in face or extremities
  • tingling sensations
  • severe itching
  • night sweats
  • acne
  • burning tongue
  • white spots on tongue
  • kidney and bladder infections
  • depression
  • adrenal problems
  • extreme fatigue
  • vaginitis
  • depression

As you can see there are quite a few varied symptoms that can be caused by yeast overgrowth. Not nearly all of the symptoms have even been discussed, either. It’s important, then, once you have diagnosed your condition, to treat not just any one symptom but the entire problem of candida overgrowth.

CandidaCarol_bulletpointYour Remedy's Primary Focus Should Be...

Any home remedy for yeast infections should have a focus primarily upon balancing the inner state of the body and killing any excess yeast that is lurking. Once the internal problem is taken care of by a natural yeast infection remedy, the symptoms will go away as a result.

The best way, therefore, to choose a home yeast infection remedy is to look for antifungal and antibacterial agents that are found in natural home remedies for yeast infections.

CandidaCarol_bulletpointBe Sure To Check The Label!

You can break down each potential yeast infection remedies home option by their ingredients in order to tell how effective they will be. That’s a big mistake that many make is to not even read the label.

  • Much can be derived from the label of any natural remedy for yeast infections.
  • This tells which ingredients are used and you can then use the World Wide Web to figure out what the purpose is of every single ingredient.
  • It might sound like a lot of work; however, it’s worth it.

If you don’t break it down ingredient by ingredient, it’s difficult to tell when you will ever be able to find a potent natural home remedy for yeast infection treatment that will work well for you.



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